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GI Bill or VRAP Transfers?
Being unemployed, & trying to finish my bachelors, I'm looking for every possible source of funding. I'm not very familiar with the GI Bill, so I'm hoping some of you can help me out on what to expect.

My father was drafted into the Vietnam War by lottery in 1967. At the time he was drafted I think he was either a sophomore or junior in a college engineering program. He ended up serving two years in Vietnam, & finished his service in 1969... he never finished college though. I was born in '82, which meant I turned 18 in 2000... 31 years after he finished his service. From what I have been reading online, the GI Bills were pretty much a "use it or lose it" benefit that was only good for 10-15 years after service.

Now I'm reading online though about all these other programs like VRAP, & some programs that meant Vietnam vets get a second shot at the GI Bill. I went ahead & applied on the VONAPP website for eligibility transfer to a family member (me). Does anyone have any idea if I am actually eligible though? If so, how much does this really cover in terms of tuition, living stipend, etc.? I'm literally not getting a dime of government assistance right now, so if this works, it would be HUGE for me! Also, are there other things that went along with this? I thought I saw something about mortgage discounts & other benefits.

Thanks in advance for the information!


1. Bill Would Restore GI Bill Benefits for Millions of Veterans -

2. Post Vietnam Era Veterans Educational Assistance Program -VEAP - Chapter 32 | Army Study Guide
Hello. My mom is a Navy veteran from the early 80s and she started college prior to joining the military but never finished. We were watching the veterans day parade 2 years ago and saw a commercial for VRAP and immediately looked it up. My mom was overjoyed because she hasnt qualified for any other benefir and was able to use this. I know that it is valid for payment of $1500 a month for 1 year as long as you are enrolled in a qualified degree or certificate program at a community college or technical school only. Like my mom studied fashion business prior ti joining the military and already had credits and was able to transfer those to the cc for a business degree. Now she can take 2 semesters and get her associates.

When we went to cc no body really knew about the program so itll be tough to find out info at the school but my mom has called Albany a few times. So you have to register at least 12 credits for 2 semesters to get the benefit and they pay the money to you and you pay the school. If you have any other questions let me know and ill try to help. I did the whole process with my mom. Smile
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