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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any experience enrolling in TESU with a low GPA from a previous institution? Or maybe someone knows what the process is like? Long story short I attended university years ago and after failing a bunch of classes (more like failing to withdraw), my GPA was a terrible 1.34. I was planning on enrolling in TESU'S BSBA program. I was previously under the impression that TESU did not use your GPA from previous institutions, but I've seen a couple of posts on this forum that say otherwise.

I've already taken a few straighterline courses, as I was planning on enrolling with majority of my coursework already completed. Are cour course grades from straighterline taken into account?

I really appreciate any help or advice that you can offer.
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Straighterline: Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Communications, Intro to Religion, Western Civilization I, Organizational 
 Behavior, Cultural Anthropology, Business Ethics,
Sophia: Ancient Greek Philosophers, Art History I, Introduction to Sociology, Project Management, Intro to Statistics
TEEX: Death Investigation

Coopersmith: Abnormal Psychology, 

They never asked me about previous grades or anything like that. Even if you send those transcripts in, I don't think they'll count towards your GPA because they're not TESU courses.

StraighterLine and similar are all pass/fail and the grades don't count. As long as you passed then you're good.
I'm pretty sure your incoming transfer GPA doesn't matter when applying for admission to TESU.

If I remember correctly, TESU doesn't consider any courses that come in below a D (1.0 of 4.0) threshold anyway; any courses below that threshold are ignored in the evaluation.

As far as incoming transfer GPA goes, the only other concern is that any courses that come in below a C (2.0 of 4.0) cannot be applied towards your degree's Area of Study. They can still be used for electives, or to meet other degree requirements, but they cannot be used as part of the AoS.

Beyond that, your institutional GPA (for credits earned at TESU) is all that matters. That determines whether you are able to register for your capstone course or not. For most of the people on this forum who are on the 114 credit plan, that just means that you need to make sure you pass your cornerstone course with a C or better.
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