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Gen Z in the workforce - 3 things..
(03-28-2023, 04:22 AM)Kire Wrote: People with an hourly employee mentality have gotten me to where I am today. I started off in healthcare nine years ago as a security guard. Today I am Director of Facilities and have tripled my annual pay. The secret for me is to stay productive, become knowledgeable and have a good work ethic. People with an 8 and the gate (do as little as I can for 8 hours) mentality make it easy for others to shine. It might appear like wasted effort to go above and beyond but someone is watching and looking for people to promote. Someone is always looking for talented people. Alas, there are few who want to put the effort into moving up.

In an earlier post on this thread, you will see that I don't have an "hourly employee mentality" as much as I won't be taken advantage of.  I won't let a company pile on extra work and then decide months down the road that they're going to hire someone for the position (finally) and there goes my opportunity for advancement.  I've seen that happen WAY too much in my life.  It used to be that you were recognized and appreciated much more than is now prevalent at companies.  I'm sure there are exceptions, but from what I've seen, companies are happy to take as much advantage as you will let them.

I'm also restarting my career after 20 years out, and don't feel the need to advance as much as others might.  I'm just at a different point in my life.  If this company wants to recognize and promote based on what they see, great - but if they don't, I can go somewhere that will.
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