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Georgia Southwestern MBA & MSCS $257/grad credit
For an AACSB MBA from a US University, this probably is the cheapest of the bunch - $257 x 30 = $7710 tuition only


Online MSCS Link:

Tuition Link:

Depends, I think for about the same price, it would be better than the Upgrad & LJMU UK partnership I mentioned in a previous thread.
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Done: TESU ASNSM Biology, ASBA/BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
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2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
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This is certainly a great deal as far as an AACSB program goes. One other potentially valuable thing from their graduate bulletin:

Transfer Credit
In any graduate program, a maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from another accredited institution under the following conditions:
• No grade less than a B (3.0) may be transferred.
• Work must have been completed within the seven-year period allowed for the completion of degree requirements.
• Work accepted in transfer to the Master of Business Administration must have the approval of the Dean of the College of Business and Computing.
• Work accepted in transfer to the Master of Science in Computer Science must have the approval of the Chairman of the Department of Computing

I plan to eventually earn a master’s in accounting and an MBA. I am only looking at RA/AACSB accounting programs. If GSSU would accept 9 credits from a master’s in accounting, this would be an MBA in 21 hours for less than $5,400!   (Page 32)
bjcheung77 - thanks for your Upgrad info - pulled the trigger on the MBA program.

Some other factors to consider:

- For non-US students: Deakin's MBA is good enough in terms of "welp you got a MBA somewhere on Earth". MBA? MBA International? MBA Global? Who cares - none of them is from the top 3.
- Admission: Upgrad's Deakin MBA with IMT only requires 3-yr work experience. No testing+reference+transcript evaluation needed = less drama.

Thanks again for widening my eye - without your post I wouldn't know about opportunities in India. Will use this MBA as a leverage to get another Master afterwards :-)

For the MCS program:

Speaking from a software engineer's prospective it's the work experience that talks. After gaining a couple years of industry experience no one cares about the degree.

If anyone wants to use any MCS program to jumpstart their software developer career - NONE of the programs shall make you an engineer. The only way to become a coder is to write more code: no education can change or exchange your effort in any way.
Funny i just sent them a request for information about the ir online MBA. I was not sure what the tuition rate per credit was but at $257 for an AACSB accredited school, its a no brainer. i might have to take some other core since my undergrad was not business; maybe 8 foundation credits.

So that would put me in the 257x38 = $9766 range compared to over $20K in the northeast schools.

Here is their MBA FAQ for those interested:

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