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Going straight for a masters degree?
Hi. I read quite a lot and my plan was to get a BS in Accounting. However, I read that some UK universities like Herriot-Watt could let you just do a exam test and get the Masters? This way I could by pass a lot of liberal arts nonsens and then get my CPA etc. How does this work? Basically, could I not just take a bunch of accounting classes for a year for free online and learn everything and maybe get a personal coach for it then take the exam and finnish the degree?

Maybe I'm missing something?   Cool
What country do you live in?
Sweden. But not sure if it even works for accounting specifically because it's a regulated field. Anyway, As I understand it you can buy some of the postgraduate programs course based. And if you pass the the courses they will put it together into a masters or MBA?
FastTrackDegree, if you asked me that question 10/15+ years ago. I would have said, sure, go ahead and get that HW Masters/MBA as it would have cost you just $1000 USD/course (10 courses). Now, it'll cost you about $1500/course so, you're looking at $15K USD. I recommended one of my best friends to finish his Bachelors at Excelsior in 2004 - it only cost $1500 at the time. In 2010, I recommended him to get the HW MBA. In 2014, he asked me again for a Masters in Finance, I told him HW had an option for that.

So - in short, those 3 degrees, through my recommendations, he did all the courses required for transfer to EC through CLEP/DSST, Uexcels, etc and did that for a very cheap price. On to the MBA, he had to study quite a bit for each course to pass them. The same for the Masters in Finance at HW, 10 courses/exams is all you need... it's a great investment of energy/money/time for the Masters.

Nowadays, I wouldn't recommend doing the HW route unless you are a very good "Brain dumper" and also know the subject like the back of your hand or something. For the ROI, the price you can get a US masters is so much cheaper with competency based degree providers. In your shoes, I would get a grounded Bachelors from one of the Big 3, and then go for a Walden Masters, all together would cost you less than 15K USD - just for the HW Masters.
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