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Graduation and Commencement Tips and Tricks? 2021
(09-13-2021, 03:43 AM)Kab Wrote: Congratulations!
Hope you have a nice time there.

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THANK YOU!!!!! 21 years in total, 6 years with TESU (could have been MUCH quicker...took lots of break in between)  Thank you!!!

(09-13-2021, 07:47 AM)Flelm Wrote: Hey, I live about 10-15 minutes from TESU. Here's a few things you might not get from the websites.

The CURE Arena is on the other side of town from TESU. You will need to drive and park, or take an Uber/Lyft between the two. CURE has parking, you'll need to do street parking or find a parking garage for TESU.

TESU is in Trenton proper. If you're not used to a city (although Trenton isn't super city-like), just be aware of that. There's not a traditional "campus" like you might be imagining. That arch that was linked is pretty much your best/only spot for a good photo. Maybe here too, but the archway is definitely nicer IMO.

The parking lot for CURE is right outside, so you shouldn't have to show up that early. I'm planning on getting there a little after 1.

As for sights, I'm not really sure. Grounds for Sculpture is the closest "Trenton" sight I can think of. And evidently Riverfest is happening that weekend, but I can't tell you how it is:
THIS is what I was looking for!  I will take a photo here, at the arch, and at the Great Hall!  Honestly, I didn't know TESU even had a campus....that's  just how focused I was.  I thought that maybe it was just one little building...but apparently there are BUILDINGS.  I definitely  want to take a look around and just marvel and the place I graduated from. Thank you for the tips about parking and Uber!  I will probably just drive into Philadelphia after the ceremony.....once I look around one last time. Heart

(09-13-2021, 09:14 AM)Flelm Wrote: Oh, and since you're staying in Philly, I'd stop by Mastori's ( and grab some of their cinnamon or cheese bread (or both). And Chickie's and Pete's is a Philly-area sports bar. The food isn't that great IMO, except for the crabby fries (regular and sweet potato crinkle-cut fries).
Thanks!  I also want to pick up a couple of your famous Philly Cheese Steaks LOL!  I said that I would Freeze a a few, maybe like 4, and eat some there.  Always want to have one (I am somewhat of a foodie lol) , I also want to see the Rocky steps, and then of course, the Liberty Bell!  How appropriate.  Heart
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The great hall is the building behind the arch if I remember correctly (I did one or two in-person exams).

EDIT: And Mastori's isn't in Philly, but it's a quick detour as you're leaving Trenton to go back to Philly.

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