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Guided study vs online for LIB-495 capstone?
Thanks all for the input! I'll be in the July cohort.

Does anyone have any other documents other than the syllabus and calendar for the online version of the course? I was going to try and get a head start on doing the lit review for my topic (It's something I have already dug into some research on) and perhaps have an idea of what to do. The syllabus and calendar seem to give only the vaguest notion of what the actual assignments are.

I also already have the textbook, should I just start reading, or are there certain assigned chapters?
Haven't seen a rubric yet in the syllabus, that would be really helpful.
(06-15-2021, 05:03 PM)Student87 Wrote: Haven't seen a rubric yet in the syllabus, that would be really helpful.

Rubrics will be in the course materials in Moodle and I seem to remember them in the part of Moodle where each assignment is uploaded. Check each assignment and "course home" once you have access to the course.
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