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Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Pathway
Hi all! I don't usually post, but I'm always lurking. I haven't seen anyone share this, but I thought it'd be of interest so I'm sharing it here. 

First and foremost, some background! As plenty of you know, EdX is an invaluable resource. So much so, that I, wanting to go to Harvard Extension School, signed up for the MITX pathway program DEDP MicroMasters program- Data, Economics, and Development Practice. Originally, I had planned on doing a Development Practice master's degree by transferring my MITX MicroMasters to Harvard University's Extension School. That didn't work out so well for me. Even though the program advertises itself as not requiring programming or advanced mathematics knowledge, it does. I greatly struggled with the content, and decided to stop doing the certificate/MicroMasters program after three attempts. 

What's interesting though, is that I saw an interesting announcement on Harvard's website. I was looking for online certificate programs, as I'd done a few before, and I really enjoyed them, and that's how I stumbled upon Harvard Kennedy Schools Public Leadership credential:

Cost is $5150 for the full module set with an expected price increase to $995 per module in January.

What's interesting about the program is it seems to serve as somewhat of a pathway. 

Per the website: Why the Public Leadership Credential?
Learn 100 percent online
Equip yourself with a toolkit for taking immediate action in your community
Enroll in one course, take multiple courses, or complete all six courses and the capstone to earn the credential
Become eligible to apply for a special pathway to Harvard Kennedy School’s MC/MPA Degree
Become eligible to apply for a special pathway to Harvard Extension School’s Master of Liberal Arts program in Government

Very interesting. I checked the Extension Schools page for this program as well. Anyone who completes the certificate, will only need to complete a specific writing course to then be able to apply for full admission (some programs require 3 or 4 classes even for the masters degrees before you can be admitted) and the credential satisfies some coursework for the MC/MPA, and Government program at the extension school as well. For anyone interested in government, politics, public administration, etc. this is an option.

I think this is an interesting opportunity and amazing value. I thought I'd share. I start the credential in January. I think there will be more programs like this to come in the future. 

 If anyone is interested (in me following up on this as I progress), please let me know, and I'll keep you updated.
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Quite interesting info!!!
Thanks for sharing it.
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(10-06-2020, 01:57 PM)Kab Wrote: Quite interesting info!!!
Thanks for sharing it.

It's my pleasure. I'm quite a nerd about this stuff! I think more programs like this will pop up in the future for multiple schools, but it seems like Harvard is leading the way at this time.
Interesting indeed!
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For those interested in more details, see their FAQ page:

To quote:
How can I use the PLC as a pathway to the MC/MPA program at Harvard Kennedy School?
Learners who have earned the Public Leadership Credential may apply to the Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) during the standard admissions cycle. If accepted, the PLC credential replaces three of the eight courses required for the MC/MPA. This path allows learners to attend the MC/MPA program for just the summer session and one semester instead of a whole year. This will also reduce the overall cost of the MC/MPA program by the equivalent of three courses.

How can I use the PLC as a pathway to an ALM degree in government at Harvard Extension School?
After completing the PLC, learners can enroll in the proseminar for the ALM in Government (SSCI 100b – Proseminar: Introduction to Graduate Studies and Scholarly Writing in the Social Sciences – Government and History) at Harvard Extension School (HES). If they receive a grade of B or better in the proseminar course, they will be eligible to apply for ALM admissions. If accepted, the completed PLC counts as 12 credits toward the 48 credit ALM degree. Credit is only awarded for a complete PLC credential; individual PLC courses are not available for credit at HES. The PLC program will email a letter of completion confirmation upon request – to For additional information please visit the Harvard Extension School's website.

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