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Has anyone done their PhD entirely online?
I am starting my doctorate program in August. It is 100% online, no residencies, no classrooms, no cohorts, no fuss. Just how I like it. The schedule is 10 weeks on, 2 weeks off. The dissertation will be defended online as well. Don't worry, the institution is regionally accredited and I've attended it before.

Has anyone else completed a program like this? What was your experience?
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Lots of people have. Doing this online hasn't been new for a long time now. You'll be fine!
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My father is currently doing his PHD in Educational Leadership through Citi University. It was 99% online. He had to go to California for a 1 credit seminar at one point. It was only a week or so if memory serves correctly though. I think he only has about a year to go.
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I started this journey in the summer of 2016.  I hoped to be done sooner, but I am still proud of the rate at which I have gotten my schooling done with respect to the many months of military training and deployments I have undergone.  

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