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Has anyone taken the english composition 2 tecep test?
Okay, so, I took this exam today. As feared, could not do copy/paste during the exam. That part was brutal. I kept having to manually retype things when I wanted to reorganize paragraphs. Thankfully, I had jotted down the thesis on paper, so I could retype that. But I wasn't happy about it.

The references section had some really oddball references. I didn't try to use Purdue Owl and made do with my copy of "The Bedford Guide for College Writers". I'm not entirely confident that I did that part correctly. There was a website with no date and a magazine which I wasn't completely sure which part was supposed to be the reference. There were two potential articles, but the instructions said 4 references, not 5.

I'm just crossing fingers that I was able to pass. It's not a difficult exam, I just have a hard time writing under pressure and without even copy/paste.
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