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Has anyone used ALEKS College Algebra course to study for the College Algebra CLEP?
I start nursing school in April but still need to get credit for College Algebra and am planning to take my CLEP in February. I'm HORRIBLE at math and just started studying. I've done some research on what resources are the best to study from and I've purchased a couple of books on amazon. 
BUT, just wondering if anyone who has taken the college algebra CLEP used the ALEKS course to study for the exam?
If you have, how well did it prepare you for the CLEP? I have less than a month and I'm slightly freaking out since math is my weakest subject Huh 
I'm going back and forth using Khan Academy and Saylor, and I just started ALEKS and really like the teaching style but I just don't know if I'm wasting my time with it if it's not going to help prepare me fully for the CLEP. **I know they are no longer accredited, but the ACE credits aren't really a factor for me since my school won't accept them which is why my only option is to take the CLEP ( I just need something to help me go over and review the course)

I would appreciate any feedback!
I personally did not love ALEKS, and think Khan Academy is just as good if not better - and FREE. BUT, it really depends on your learning style as to which is best. I think ALEKS' counting entirely on being a good reader and figure out math kind of on your own is the more difficult style - Khan's videos are good and easier to understand (although a bit slower to get through).
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When I completed ALEKS I didn't feel like I learned anything other than how to work their pie chart.

I'll second Khan academy.
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I agree with JSD, but if it's helping you learn the subject matter, why not?
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