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Have a military education exit strategy.
I have been getting several private messages recently and wanted to share my ideas and opinions from an ex-military standpoint. I think others here can also add additional information that can help those leaving the military or are veterans.

Your still active duty and that does help. I don't know your MOS but let's assume you have some experience up to 4 years or more. Your JST transcript will be key and your benefits for the New GI Bill and Chap 31 Voc Rehab apply. 

I prefer military taking the following approach and in retrospect, this is what I did but not entirely. 

1. Save up your vacation to the max for your ETS.

2. Continue testing out on all CLEP/DSST credits while free.

3. Look for ETS program that allows you to stay on active duty but begin school 1 semester or more before your final paperwork.

4. I find TESU to be very good for ex-military. Start setting up your program ASAP and get all of your evaluated.

5. Ensure you capture all injuries before you finish ASAP and hit the doctor before it's too late. Everything must be recorded no matter what. This will impact your schooling later.

6. My preference is the Liberal Arts Degree since we can test out most of this quickly. 

7. If you go with TESU try to get the military to pay for one class now. With 16 credits you should not have to pay the $2500 fee.

8. Use the TESU military office and they will help you waive the fees.

9. You must submit on exit for a disability rating and see if you can qualify for VA Chap 31.

10. Start planning your Master's specialty now, and consider schools, and programs. I'm leaning to Rutgers myself because they have a good online masters program and would have to consider TESU since they are both state New Jersey schools.

11. You also might want to consider an additional BA or BS if you still have undergrad funding from VA ED benefits.

12. Use your vacation time to test out on everything you can. Take every test possible before you exit. Free is good and you can still submit for reimbursement to VA later but it's a hassle.

13. Apply for your FAFSA Student Aid and try to get your Pell Grant each and every year. As your income goes down you should qualify for more.

14. Apply for all of your school's scholarships and grants even if you get chap 31. This will help establish you in the system for graduate school later.

15. Start Planning for Grad school now, and learn what the requirements will be.
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This is all very solid advice.

Getting injuries documented while in is very important. Go to a doctor's office and tell them about everything you can think of, even if it isn't bothering you at that moment in time. They may look at you silly but injuries tend to only get worse as you age, not better so get them documented in the military and by the VA
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Also, at TESU, when you're active-duty military, TECEP's count for residency. So you could do the cornerstone ($300), 7 easy LL TECEP's ($525 total) , and the capstone ($750), and not pay the Residency waiver or application fee. Your total fees to TESU would be $1,907 (including the graduation fee). Non-military will pay $4305, and won't have those LL TECEP's in that amount.

Combine that with the ability to take free CLEP and DSST's (which has 5 UL exams), and 1 UL course from one of our providers, and your degree would cost a TOTAL of ~ $2000.
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(11-26-2018, 10:15 AM)MNomadic Wrote: This is all very solid advice.

Getting injuries documented while in is very important. Go to a doctor's office and tell them about everything you can think of, even if it isn't bothering you at that moment in time. They may look at you silly but injuries tend to only get worse as you age, not better so get them documented in the military and by the VA

This is very important and will be connected to possible education benefits later. My old injuries were not that bad when I first left but over time knees, back and ankles are much worse now. The hardest to get is hearing loss and if you already have some signs please get this documented ASAP. No matter what your first rating is you should consider an appeal because the system is overloaded, and they really don't want to fulfill your contractual obligations with them. It's a paper game for them and you have to play and play this hard. If something bizarre happens to go to your senator's office and ask for help from your VA representative for your congressional office. Trust me it will help and they oversee the VA's budget. 

Once you have a rating apply to the VA chap 31 vocational rehabilitation program. All of you younger vets can pull chap 31 and your New GIbill housing assistance so there is a way to use duel benefits.

If you're out already you can still take CLEP and DSST and get reimbursement from the VA using your current benefits. I'm a huge TESU fan and think the veteran office in New Jersey has done all I have ever asked.
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100% agree with Continue testing out on all CLEP/DSST credits while free.  Do them "all" even if you do not think you need them.

I would enroll in Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) as they take your military JST and put them in real college credit classes with a grade of NC (noncourse) and they are below-the-line credits at FTCC.  The Leadership and Management Certificate is only 12 SH and NCOs get these JST credits.  Most EM MOS will also.  Just take an online class at FTCC to earn it.  About 20 colleges will accept the FTCC block AS degree towards their BS degrees.

Excelsior College is always ranked higher for military and Veterans of the Big 3.  40% of Excelsior College students are these two groups.  They do not hang out here.

Use a mere 5-days of your 100% Post 9/11 GI Bill later to attend an Ivy League college like the Harvard Kennedy School to become an official Alumni.  Add some spice to a no brand name education section on your resume/CV.
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I'll add that once you get out and no longer have a CAC you cant sign into JST. Learn you regular login so you'll be able to have it. Your VMET should have everything on it but mistakes happen. Make sure your JST is up to date with any and all applicable schools, certs, etc.

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Thank you to all who posted here. I am active duty and am undecided if I will re up. I have finally taken education seriously over the last couple months and will be using all of this as a guide.
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I've never served in the military, but my advice to everyone is to choose your degrees wisely at TESU because you're limited to two at each level. Besides, who wants to waste time, money, or military aid? Let's say you get a BALS. Then, you go back for something a little more marketable such as a BSBA. Afterward, you've finally decided on which career you want and want to earn a BA in Computer Science. Well, you can't at TESU. You'd need to find another school that will award a third degree in computer science, and you can't usually jump into a master's program in computer science without having a related undergraduate degree.

In short, don't waste anything on a degree you don't want and can't really use.
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