Poll: Have you taken a CLEP exam using online proctoring?
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Yes, I have.
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Have you used online proctoring for CLEP?
If you haven't heard yet, the CollegeBoard is now offering the option to take your CLEP exam at home using the Proctortrack online proctoring service.

Have you taken a CLEP exam using Proctortrack? If so, how was your experience? Be sure to respond to the poll at the top of this page!

For more information on taking your CLEP with Proctortrack, check out our article on it:
How to Take Your CLEP Exam Online
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I haven't. But it doesn't sound like a good experience. Getting free credit sounds nice, though.
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At the point I took it (maybe 6 weeks ago) it was a little clumsy. (I wrote a post about the whole experience.)

There was one rather serious issue: I was reviewing my answers, and there was an "exit" button, which I assumed was "exit from exam review back to the test", but was actually "exit the test without completing it." It dumped to a helpful screen that said "YOUR TEST WILL END IN 10 SECONDS" and I thought... OK, I'm ready to complete the test... and then it just ungracefully exited out of the entire exam and proctoring app back to my coputer's background.

Their crack live proctor didn't even respond to my repeated messages in the chat window, nor did he notice I was on the phone (to the proctoring service to figure out what I needed to do.). The proctor support line basically just wanted to get me off the phone.

Long and short... after I found an email address for a senior exec at College Board, someone called me the following day, apologized profusely that this button should not have been there at all, and was being removed, and that my test result was still valid and would be scored. Within 48 hours, the whole issue was resolved.

So... other than the proctor being lazy/inattentive, and the "exit" button bug (which has likely now been fixed), it really wasn't a bad experience and in spite of the issues, I would not mind taking another home proctored exam. In my area, the only other option would be driving 40 miles (which I did for two earlier exams), because the local centers are still closed due to Covid... even though the state has fully opened up.
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