Poll: Have you taken a CLEP exam using online proctoring?
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Have you used online proctoring for CLEP?
jch Wrote:Initially, I avoided CLEP remote proctoring due to the reported issues. Recently, though, I decided to give it a shot when I couldn't get to my local testing center at my desired time. My two remote sessions so far have gone well, with no notable issues or interruptions. Modern States has already processed one of the proctoring reimbursement requests.

That's awesome! I am just cautious as that provider has a bad track record and security or data breaches... I don't think the system they use is all that bad, in terms of technology... each proctoring provider has their ups/downs, it's not their service I am worried about, it's the data that they can get and also your personal details that prospective hackers may get their hands on... I might try them though on an older laptop that doesn't have any important files...
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I took 4 CLEP's with proctortrack last year. And 3 at a testing center. 

the experience wasn't horrible on proctortrack, but it could be improved. 

1) the exit test button should be removed as I had trouble with it also (thank God I had a semi-attentive proctor that time)
2) once the proctor tried to help me end the test thinking that I was done when I still had half the test left. I never said anything to him about ending the test.

Overall it's wasn't too bad in my experience.

i would recommend it to anyone who wants to take a CLEP test because it was very convenient to be able to take the test at home as compared to driving to and from a test.

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