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Keep us up-to-date on your entry into the IT field and please don't get discouraged. The other posters have given you some excellent tips on getting into the field.

I would like to share with you my experience entering the IT field and hope that it offers you some encouragement. I decided that I wanted to be a programmer and really enjoyed the training I received to earn a Certificate in Programming. After getting an entry level coding position, I found that I did not like it mostly because I felt so isolated. Please don't let me discourage anyone from pursuing programming! This is just my personal experience. Boy, was I discouraged after I spent all of that money for training and then didn't like the job. But my old company took me back and I soon started working as a Network Administrator after the company installed a new network and I volunteered to help. After that, I accepted a position as Help Desk Analyst at another company (great tip, Chebasaz, it certainly worked for me!) which was definitely the stepping stone to my current position in the Information Assurance field which I love.

Here's another example of how one of my friends entered the IT field: One of my good friends had a Bachelor's in Business and was a Car Salesman when he decided to enter the field. He started out installing hardware (again, Chebasz, great tip!) to get his foot in the door and eventually moved up to a Sr. Engineering position designing huge network infrastructures to now running his own very lucrative government contracting business.

Once you enter the field, continuing education is important, too, since technology changes so fast. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement which you should take advantage of if you can. In my humble experience, the continuing education and certifications certainly helped me. I'm still working on a Bachelor's like you are. Like gcalvin said, most employers look for experience, but certs and degrees can help and are sometimes required (such as a CISSP for my position). Hey, Carlos, your Oracle DBA and MCDST may get you some credits towards your degree. Have you checked into that with your school?

I hope that my experience and my friend's gives you encouragement. I wish you all the best in whatever area of the IT field you choose.

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