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Help!!!! I'm new to TESU any pointers to Graduate quick
(07-26-2021, 06:13 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: You have 68 credits, I highly recommend before starting to take courses, to decide on the degree and the school.  Take some time to decide before taking courses, if you have signed up for, they're the best option for lower level credits and for upper level credits, is the recommended provider.  I highly suggest getting some certs, the degree you're looking for and some experience...  So, do the FREE TEEX Cyber Security, $49 Google IT Support Professional, $49 Google Automation with Python, you've got a pretty good "knowledge base" to show for on your CV/Resume.

I suggest one of two options right now: 1) TESU, if you're looking to get the BALS with Comp Sci, you can.  I suggest to add the CIS Cert also by taking all the required courses at, remember - don't take any courses at TESU unless it's the 16-18 credits for residency waiver OR the cornerstone/capstone combo, it depends what you're looking for and your situation.

2) Another option is, UMPI - Get an AALS and a BLS with MIS concentration minor.  This combo is not on the YourPace website, but because you have an Associates, you can see if they allow you to get this using the YourPace courses.  I've asked and was informed by one of the people working at the registers office, they can treat it the same way.  Again, different degree for a different situation...
Thank you so much for the advice.  I've been up all night because I plan to start August 1st. I am definitely leaning towards attending TESU and completing the BALSCOS  with cyber cert, because I am state employee for discount  as well so I can complete the portfolio assessment for knowledge credits. As for Sophia and, and the TEEX could I do all the courses concurrently? ( meaning would it take up any space on my computer with software and programs)  And what has been the timeline you've come across?
You need to take the TESU course really to do portfolio. It is faster and less expensive to do or Sophia courses IMHO.


Sophia, study teex etc doesn't take up space on your computer except papers you write and save. It's  all browser web based
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@Duchb22 , so you're in NJ, work for the state and get tuition assistance/reimbursement?  Where do I sign up to work with you? hahaha...  Anyways, I think I know what you're trying to do, but not sure where the portfolio comes into play, I really don't see a need for this, I would rather take courses... I see you're going for the BALS Comp Science and also the Cybersecurity Certificate at TESU right?  BALS Comp Sci: - Cybersecurity Cert: - Link:

My only question for you now is, it seems you're looking to do the portfolio credits, is this for both the Cybersecurity and Comp Science courses? If that is the case, are you going to be paying the residency waiver fee or are you going to do the 16 credits for residency waiver?  I was thinking to do the 16-18 credits... this is because the cornerstone/capstone and the 12 credits of the Cybersecurity courses total 18 credits already!  The BALS Comp Sci can use all courses to get the Area of Study.  If you do it this way, you don't have to pay the residency waiver fee and get the extra certificate in Cybersecurity!  Again, I would still add the CIS certificate as I mentioned earlier, just by taking the required courses through

In regards to courses, these are all online, there are just PDF documents you can save and they're relatively small in size, it won't take up space on your hard drive at all. If you want, you can finish the course and remove the files. I usually have a laptop and a second monitor for multi-tasking, so I get the quizzes on the laptop and the PDF/online information and materials on my second monitor. are open book quizz/exams, requires you to download a small file for proctoring, it just locks your browser and you will need a webcam to record yourself and the screen.
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When you say BALSCOS, what degree are you referring to? Liberal Studies - computer Science or something else?
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You have your 30cr of RA covered; the 45cr of GE requirements are covered; you can bring 6cr into the LL AoS (yours all look to be 100-level, so those are limited; 16cr will fit into Free Electives. That leaves you with 15cr of UL, 21cr of 200-level AoS, and 12cr of Free Electives.

If you want the Computer Science concentration, it's very easy to get using courses (or other ways) - and they have 4 UL courses that can be used, and many LL ones, 200-level and above.

For EC's BSL, you have all the GE requirements covered; you just need 18cr of UL in the Arts & Sciences, 6cr of UL in Free Electives, and 24cr of Free electives.

There's no concentration or certificate, but you can certainly fill your degree plan with computer science courses.

For COSC's BSLS, you have GE covered; you need to bring in 27cr of UL; and you can make your concentration Computer Science and something else liberal arts-related (like history or psych or soc). You just have to get it approved by your advisor, so you'd have to show how they "fit" together.

For UMPI, it looks like the GEC is completed except for Biological Science; so you just need 18cr in the minor and 27cr of Free Electives; I'd take Sophia Biology and then 5 courses in whatever, and then do the rest at UMPI; I'd probably do 2 minors.
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