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Help requested -TESU Evaluation and degree plan BSBA ACC1
Please review the excerpt of Evaluation which is attached
.pdf   BSBA Accounting Evaluation-.pdf (Size: 191.17 KB / Downloads: 12) .  I need some clarity on the points listed below so i can be better informed before calling TESU to explain the Evaluation.
  • I am confused by the negatives under section 3.B - Acct Electives. It would seem as if the credit for Cost Accounting was approved, (but then removed?). Auditing is a negative 6. Then there is an explanatory note which says, "credits are anticipated earned". What exactly does that mean?
  • There are credits under "Other Courses", which are not assigned to any section of the Evaluation. The Note beside them is TE(Transfer Equivalency). Whats the meaning of that?
I would also be very grateful for  some help with a degree plan and any other guidance. Attached is a template
.xlsx   TESU BSBA ACC---WGG 2019.xlsx (Size: 77.73 KB / Downloads: 8) which i found on the forum and have filled in from the Evaluation. Please correct it and put me on the right path. Thanks!
If you scroll down to the very bottom, it tells you what's going on (the far right column of "notes" has a key):
*7Y Course is 7 years old, but has been approved
*DOC Course is 10 years old, and demonstration of Currency must be met.
*FOR Foreign Institutional Credit
*NE Non-course Equivalency
*PL Planned Credit
*PTE Preliminary Transfer Equivalency
*TE Transfer Equivalency

Here are some additional notes:

We recently received your official ACE transcript. Based on an agreement between Thomas Edison State University and, we will
grant transfer credit for coursework directly from a transcript. We are not able to accept coursework off of
the ACE transcript. Please complete the transcript request form to have official transcripts sent to our Registrar's Office.

It is critical that students possess current knowledge in their BSBA major area of study of Thomas Edison State University degrees. Credits
earned within the last 7 years are considered current. Credits earned more than 7 years ago are applied as follows:
*Up to 9 credits are applied to the BSBA major area of study. These credits are identified on the academic program evaluation as 7Y
(accepted even though older than 7 years).
*If more than 9 credits are completed toward the major area of study, the remaining credits will be identified as DOC (Demonstration of
Currency required).
You must demonstrate that you possess current subject-matter knowledge before the remaining credits can be applied to the major area of
The courses currently identified as 7Y and DOC are based on a random selection by the evaluator. You have the option to modify
that selection, as long as the University's DOC policy is followed.

Here is the policy:
For the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree and undergraduate business certificates, if area of study credits are more than 7 years old at the time of application to the University, a Demonstration of Currency (DOC) review may be required for those courses.


So, all of that to say that it looks like you brought in some old credits, and TESU will not take more than 9cr of credits into the AOS. Your best option is to contact them and tell them that you want to remove ACC-201, ACC-202, and ACC-303; and then you can take those elsewhere. Because ACC-304 is not offered anywhere else, and ACC-411 isn't as a 6cr course either. You get more bang for your buck to keep those.

You can take ACC-201, ACC-202, and ACC-303 (or another elective) through either SL,, or CSU-Global. You need 6cr of Int Acct and 3cr of any UL Acct elective:

Financial Accounting (comes in as ACC-201)
Managerial Accounting (comes in as ACC-303)
ACC 201: Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 202: Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 303: Cost Accounting or ACC 301: Applied Managerial Accounting or ACC 302: Advanced Accounting

ACT350S: Intermediate Accounting I
ACT360S: Intermediate Accounting II
ACT405S: Federal Individual Taxation or ACT410S: Government and Nonprofit Accounting or ACT415S: Business Taxation or ACT425S: Information Systems for Accounting or ACT460S: Cost Accounting or ACT470S: Advanced Accounting or FIN400S: Analyzing Financial Statements

I personally would do since it will be the cheapest, it has everything you need, and there will be overlap in the coursework that will make each subsequent course shorter.
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