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Help with degree plan for my 17 year old
We created a degree plan for my 17 year old; BSBA in Entrepreneurship for TESU. Would you please help me refine this?

She passed English Composition CLEP and 24 Sophia classes. She also completed four RA classes, and will complete four more by March. She will then work on her remaining classes most of which are AOS. Would like to avoid the residency waiver if possible.

Here is a link to the google spreadsheet:

Thank you!
So, a couple of things:
1) you are using the old plan, and you have to make changes due to it changing on 7/1/21 (minor changes to GE, Free Electives)
2) you are using the 1st column interchangeably between TESU's course numbers and the school/provider's course number, I'd ONLY put TESU course numbers in there to make it not as confusing (I put the course number and name in the same field like BUS 309: Digital Marketing for the course you're taking elsewhere)
3) you don't have a column showing taken and another showing need to take, so it's hard for me to see what's already done (you have more than enough credits planned, so it's a matter of trying to figure out if there's something you don't need to take at this point, which I can't do)

4) you have extra stuff on there that's confusing
- Intro to Communication is not necessarily considered Oral Comm at TESU - it must specifically say it's an Oral Comm course in the catalog. So check that. If it's not, you can use it in the KHC/Humanities
- Did you take Business Ethics from SL or Intro to Ethics from Sophia??
- you duplicated some courses, I'd delete the ACE ones if you have RA
- ICC's Managerial Accounting course cannot be used in the core, you need to choose or SL's Accounting II
- did you take Principles of Management from SL or Either way, it's not UL
- Prin of Marketing is not UL
- BUS 120: International Business comes in as MAN-271
- Business Comm - if you take it as, you need BUS 113: Business Communication (COM-202), SL's BUS105: Business Communication comes in the same, and I don't think they will let you use Communication at Work from Sophia
- Not sure what York's Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship will come in as, you may want to find out before you plan other things (it may come in as BUS-101 and be a free elective, or it may come in as MAN-230: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and work it the AoS
- Not sure what York's ICT1303 Introduction to Information Technology will come in as, I'd make sure it works where you want it to
- Not sure if BUS 319: Negotiations & Conflict Management will work here, I'd check first

Last, in order to avoid the Residency waiver, you must take 16cr at TESU. The cheapest way to do this is to do a single 16cr term at TESU, with the cornerstone, the capstone, a 1cr course, and then 3 more courses; one way to get around taking such a full load, especially for a teen, is to choose 3 ePack courses that she can test out of: It does not matter which ones, just choose her best subjects. I thought the CIS one was very easy (I took the TECEP). You could also choose ones that will replace a Sophia course like Sociology, or Stats, or whatever interests her. Study ahead of time, and take the exams right away, and then you're freed up to take the courses you need to.
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Thank you very much. I will make all of the changes you suggested and post again.
schlocker Wrote:Thank you very much. I will make all of the changes you suggested and post again.

Larry! It's time for me to follow you instead! LOL, it seems like we're playing forum tag or something. I see our previous private messages and threads on the sister board (degreeinfo) and now we're here discussing your daughters education! Just one word of advice, keep things simple and straightforward, she'll get there in no time...

So... I see you created a new thread as recommended yesterday. I remember you were creating an action plan for your daughter, so I wanted to verify as well. It's great news she's working hard on those TEL Learning courses, I recall you got on the deal, 10 courses for the price of 8. Is she not going to take the other two?

Anyways, I am curious, which Masters program is she looking into? At her age, I usually would recommend 3 main things. Certs, Degrees, Experience. For example, I would focus on the degree and volunteering for experience. Just make sure to take courses that will hit the prerequisites for the Masters if there are any required.

Question for you, do you have a set budget for your daughter? Since I see you're leaning towards taking courses instead of paying the residency waiver fee, or did I get that one mixed up. I suggest taking courses required that are hard to find and that are upper level credit, if she's got the energy/money/time to do them.
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Thanks again for your kind words. She signed up for ten TEL classes for $1,000. The promotion was for dual enrollment; 11th grade and college. She will complete at least eight of them for her 24 RA credits. The budget is flexible as to accomodate what is best for her. Saving money is great but may not be possible. As she grew up in Southeast Asia attending international school and will complete her bachelors online, I do not want her to miss out on attending a school in the USA. She has not picked a Masters topic as of yet. She likes digital publishing but would consider human resources or other topics to keep her employable and marketable. I love both message boards but admit in my old age I sometimes get confused between the two. My apologies. I have received so much help and learned so much from the boards and kind people like you.
I'm still making changes. Is this the latest from TESU for BSBA in entrepreneurship?
No, this is the current catalog:

But you can still follow the wiki:
In progress:
TESU - BA Computer Science; BSBA CIS; ASNSM Math & CS; ASBA

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Sophia (so many), The Institutes (old), (5 courses)
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Thank you very much.

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