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Help with figuring out TESU History Degree plan
#11, the sister forum, has more information on grad degrees.

Here are other online grad history options aside from the usual suspects (South African or UK degrees, APUS, and the WNMU interdisciplinary studies degree) you might find mentioned over there:

If you have taught or plan on teaching history in K-12, the Gilder Lehrman MA in American history is up and running again in association with Pace University. See requirements here: It used to be run by Adams State U, which still has a humanities MA with a US history concentration, I believe.

Ashland University has two graduate history programs in American history and government, one a hybrid one that requires summer classes on campus and another fully online one: These run about $800+ per two-credit class, although they do offer partial scholarships for underenrolled courses sometimes. The programs are aimed at K-12 teachers.

Another such option is an education masters with 18 hours in history or just the 18 hour-certificate from the American College of Education ( Courses run about $850.00 each and are 5-8 weeks usually. No federal financial aid available and this is a B corporation, so not quite a for-profit.

Of course, the utility of these graduate degrees depends on your goal (hopefully not breaking into the horrendous college teaching job market) and who is footing the bill (hopefully not you).

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