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Here's what a Davar transcript look like.
Ideas Wrote:
bjcheung77 Wrote:Oh Well... Davar Academy should bring back the $99 all you can handle exams/month.
They'll get a lot of business instead of just having their regular "business class" special.

I think they would be broke if they did this. They have to pay proctors, graders, transcript processors, and support people.

I highly doubt it, they don't have a classroom/campus or a need to pay for faculty/instructors. If they have an automated process, it'll be simple for them to process the transcripts like or StraighterLine. The only people they need are outsourced temp staff for assignment graders, and even their support staff as only a handful of courses have assignment, some are just exams. This is not a large operation, it may even be a simple "Mom & Pop shop" academy as everything is up to the student to complete. Their proctoring pricing is great as it uses several options, and for Davar, it won't cost anything.

I might go as far as... I think their office is a virtual office as I don't see an office address on their website. I forget which NA school it was, but that school - for the longest time, had only two people as staff - literally before it was sold off - I recall, it may have been Andrew Jackson, I'll have to dig through the sister forum for this info... It's just too bad Davar's only NCCRS otherwise I would recommend them more. For the price, has them beat as they have corp sponsorship... The main reason Davar is afloat is because there are more people taking their tests as they're "easier/cheaper/faster" than taking a course.

And JSD is correct, I think a lot of Davar's revenue is coming from DegreeInfo/DegreeForum members, as the Big 3 are the most targeted schools, and I think it's the main revenue generator for them - students going to the Big 3 looking for alternative credits... the only way to make extra revenue is to create a sale again, so... Bring back the $99/month all you can take! (even though it's not for me).
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I took advantage of the $99 all you can take, but I think their normal prices now are fair.

The special served it’s purpose of driving traffic their way and getting their name out. I’d rather see them stay in business and add more test options for accounting and operations/ supply chain management.

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