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How Close would these Get Me To Bachelors Liberal Arts Degree
(02-14-2020, 09:55 AM)nilahti2 Wrote: Yes. It is for financial reasons.  During my last semester I took a loan of $1000 from the school.  I was an internal school loan and the largest about that school would loan.  I left the school before the next semester because it was too expensive and I didn’t want to rack of the bill.  When I contacted the school a few years later to square the bill, they had moved to a digital system.  Bills had been keyed into the system.  So, I was like I wanna pay the $1000.  They were like it’s $10,000.  I went back and forth with them and requested a breakdown at how they arrived at the amount.  They simply provided me with the printout of their system and the clerks notes.  But not my original promissory note.  The amount is not for $10,000.50 or $10,002 but exactly $10,000.  Only sense that I can make of it is that when it was type into the system, another zero was added.  But it’s my word against theirs.

If the school had a cap of this sort of internal loan of $1000 it should not be too difficult to prove out with someone at the school in a position of authority (bursar) that the $10,000 is a data entry error.  However, if that loan (you stated it was a loan vs outstanding balance) was anywhere near a 10% interest rate and you haven't made any payments on it in 25 years (1995 - 2020) it could very well be in the $10,000 range (but as you said, unlikely it would be so 'perfectly $10k).  You need to speak directly with the bursar, and try to make payment/settlement arrangements whatever the true balance is. You're far from the first person on this forum to have an outstanding school balance - it can be overcome.  It is just not a debt that can be ignored.
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