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How do transfer ( credits look on a WGU transcript for grad school?
Apologizes if this has been asked before, but I've seen mixed responses.

I'm intending to earn a BS in CS through WGU with the intention of pursuing GT's OMSCS. My plan is to maximize non-STEM gen-ed transfer credits to strike a balance between acceleration while keeping all the STEM credits on my transcript legit looking. 

Maybe I'm overthinking this and I should just transfer as much as possible, but I've seen some people say they've had trouble with grad schools not accepting ACE credits as pre-reqs, or generally being concerned about how it looks. 

Does anyone have any experience with this?
WGU is pass/fail. Sophia/ is also pass/fail. As far as I'm aware, Georgia Tech doesn't care about this aspect when it comes to their OMSCS. ACE credits should be absolutely fine.
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@dan087, it really depends, you'll always get various responses and it'll go in all directions.  Each person has their own situation that is unique, without many details except that you want to take non-stem courses through alternative credit providers, that doesn't give the entire picture of what you bring to the table.

I missed your original thread here:
Please provide information asked for in the addendum and template here:
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Transfer in as much as you can. Also, see this very recent thread - there are many who have walked before you with the same graduate school goal,
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I appreciate the reassurance everyone. I looked around and found many other instances of people getting into various master's programs with ACE heavy transcripts, so I feel comfortable it's worth the (large) time investment.

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