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How long does it take to complete an course
hi all,
Sorry if this was asked already but how long does it take to complete an online course with  I am trying to plan out how fast I could complete my degree.  Also, has anyone ever ranked them by level of difficulty?

Thanks again,
It took me about an hour per lesson. More if I was taking a decent amount of notes. So anywhere from 20-30 hours per course.
BALS-Humanities from TESU - June 2019

CLEP - A&I Lit, US History 1, US History 2, West Civ 1, Intro Sociology, American Lit, Humanities, Soc. Sci & History, English Lit
Sophia - Intro to Info Tech, Art History 1, Visual Communications, Managing Conflict, Building Effective Teams
Study - Personal Finance, Comm 120, Math 97, Bus 121, Lib Sci 101, Eng 104, Nutrition 101, Eng 105, His 108, Pol. Sci 102, Earth Sci 104, His 308, Bus 313, His 102, Eng 305, His 105, His 106, His 306, Geometry 101, Bus 324, Com 102
Institutes - Insurance Ethics
TESU - Cornerstone, Music History 2 TECEP, LIB Capstone

Further Credits - Sophia - Conflict Resolution, Enviro Science, Microecon, Intro to Stats, Into to Ethics, Found. of Stats, Ancient Greek Philosophers, Macroecon, Intro to Business, Project Management
It depends on if you take notes and which course you take. So odc courses have more lessons then others. The Environmental course took me about 10hrs all together but that was with me working. I would listen to the lessons on the drive to work and during work. And complete the quizzes during non customer time.
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I agree that you should allocate 1 hour per lesson (x however many lessons in the course) because you can't fast-forward through the lessons, they require them to play the entire time, so you can't get around the clock with that company.

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