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How long does it take to complete sophia courses?
(07-16-2022, 10:46 PM)LevelUP Wrote: Watching the videos at 2x speed saves time.

I've done 20 Sophia courses, and I've never watched the videos. If you are relatively fast at scanning text, or adept with Ctrl+F search terms, this will definitely save time.

For further reference, it's possible to complete all eight of these courses in 30 hours or less at 90%+ final grades, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to take 200+ hours. It really will vary quite a bit depending on the many factors mentioned in this thread.
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I'd say that if you want/need to do a course with touchstones, your best bet is to only have 1 of those going while doing the other w/o touchstones. Then, if you complete the 2nd course, you can move onto a 3rd. If you end up with 2 touchstone courses and you're waiting for both to be graded, you need to contact Sophia to open a 3rd.

So, I'm guessing the touchstones will be the thing slowing you down, so you need to manage that as best you can.
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I'd say yes if you have any level of knowledge going into it, and/or you know how to read through text quickly. If you're 18 with no study habits, then probably not. I watched the videos in the beginning and then just realized they were slowing me down.

Good luck!

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One of my friends completed 24 credits in 30 days, while working full time. It was most of his spare time, but he got it done pretty easily.

I agree with BJCheung, I think the key is pacing yourself and committing to just sitting and knocking them out.

I also agree with organizing your classes so you get all the touchstones out of the way as quickly as you can.
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Art History I - 3 days for my 13 year old, working on it a little each day

Environmental Science - about 6 hours for me, using it to stay awake on a night shift at work

Human Biology - a couple weeks for my 13 year old, using it as a subliminal to her homeschool, so probably about 14 hours

Idk about the others, but based on that, I could knock these 3 and MAYBE one more on your list out in a weekend. Not sure if that helps.

If I were recommending to someone, who hasn’t used Sophia yet, on how to attack that list, I’d say start mid week on environmental science to get the ball rolling, with a plan to have it done by Friday. Attack the art histories and biology, one at a time on the weekend. If those were done before Sunday, or Monday if they are not, start working on stuff with touchstones, cycling in other classes when they are waiting for touchstone grading. Basically, use a couple that don’t have touchstones to warm up and feel good, but get to the touchstone classes within a few days so you get through them all.
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Yup, don't rush things, it boils down to maximizing your screen real estate to get answers quickly for your questions. Time management also plays a critical role as you want to dedicate enough time to blast through the questions in the intended time frame by pacing yourself. Mainly working by chunks at a time is best to retain the information...
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