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How to be an engineer in the USA?
In my country the educational system is completely different from how it is in the USA.

Here you don't study a BS or a BA, you study to be an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, etc ... it is a system based on professions.

I was wondering, what degree do you have to follow to be considered an "engineer" in the United States?
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Get a TESU Computer Science degree.
Then you can work as software engineer at small companies.
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It depends on what type of engineer you want to be? Also, it depends what type of company you want to work for? Some people are actually able to have different engineering jobs without a degree at all(this is becoming less common thanks to credential creep). Also, Some engineering positions(such as government ones) require a Professional Engineering license which has certain requirements such as having received a bachelor's degree in an engineering field and is ABET accredited.
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What kind of engineer?

Systems Engineer? No degree required, just some IT certs and experience, but a degree helps
Software Engineer? Again, no degree required, but a Computer Science degree and a portfolio helps
For the more traditional forms of engineer (civil, mechanical, electrical), you need either a Bachelor of Engineering in [Type] Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, etc
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Thanks for your answers, in my country I tried to complete computer engineering but I had to leave it because it was extremely difficult.

Here Computer engineering and Systems Engineering is the same thing.
BSBA: 67.5% completed (81 credits of 120)
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What kind of engineering? Computer? Mechanical? Electrical? Chemical? Civil? Totally depends on what kind of engineering you want to get into what you'll need for degrees. Most will require master's degrees. Some require an apprenticeship before sitting for the licensing exam.

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