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I finally graduated!
Congratulations, I'm so excited for you! I hope to be in your shoes one day.
It's definitely not a waste of time. Posts like these are so encouraging!
Working on: TESU BA Psychology & Criminal Justice

Straighterline: Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Communications, Intro to Religion, Western Civilization I, Organizational Behavior, Cultural Anthropology, Business Ethics,
Sophia: Ancient Greek Philosophers, Art History I, Introduction to Sociology, Project Management

Sophia: Intro to Statistics
Coopersmith: Abnormal Psychology, 

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Congratulations! It is very nice to hear about your graduation especially with all the challenges you had to overcome!
You inspire those of us just starting out!  Congrats!
Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling to be the first one in a given group to be able to accomplish something that the others could not do. Way to go!
I LOVE to hear stories like this! Congratulations!
20 year old son: BOG AAS from Pierpont CTC. 
Myself: BS Business/French-1991, Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling-1995, Completed the Poetry in America Series from HES for 20 credits in English in May 2019 and now on my way to collecting more graduate credits.  
(06-24-2020, 10:23 AM)BrighterFuture88 Wrote: First off, I can't express enough how truly thankful I am to this amazing forum and to the wonderful members that took the time needed in order to help when I was confused.  Everyone here is so awesome!

With that said, I have found out that I graduated from TESU with a 4.0!  For some background information, I have ADHD and struggled tremendously with school when I was younger.  I was considered a failure by some teachers that they believed wouldn't ever survive college.  Not only that, no one on my Dad's side of the family have ever made it through college.  Looks like that has all changed, and it took help from this wonderful community and working my tail off in between every call that I received at work. 

For those of you just like me and are taking this route -- KEEP AT IT.  Whatever it takes to stay focused, you do it.  The feeling you get once you have confirmation that it is all over and you have earned your degree is truly freeing.  I want to scream from the top of a mountain!  You all can do this.  If I can do this, you all sure as hell can!  

I'm sure some will find this post to be a waste of time, but I just wanted to post some optimism for those who may have experienced a similar life where some didn't believe in you.
Great perseverance!!! Congrats!
Congrats! I love seeing posts like this and I especially love seeing what obstacles people overcome on their journey. It's really inspiring. I'm determined to make my own post someday - hopefully in the next few weeks, because I'm aiming for a September graduation too!
Working towards: TESU, BSBA-HR (114/120 units complete, goal to graduate in 2020).

Completed: B&M CC: 67 units applied Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Computing, International Business, Library Science, Managerial Accounting, Leading Organizational Change, Finance, Organizational Theory, Strategic Human Resources (30 units) Davar: Organizational Behavior, Managerial Communication (6 units) Sophia: Microeconomics, Conflict Resolution, Leading Teams (5 units) Institutes: Ethics (2 units) TESU: Business Capstone, Cornerstone (4 units)

Currently Working On: Sophia: College Algebra
Courses Left To Go: CSMLearn/Sophia: Statistics requirement

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can't wait to make my own post like this!
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Never a waste of time to report back in and let others know how things go. CONGRATS

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