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I'm (I am) sorry!
I got a PM from a concerned member that I misused the word your (your) and you're (you are) in a recent post. I'm (I am) quite surprised at myself, since I usually take time to run spell check, review my use of contractions, and edit for punctuation.... but since I can't (can not) for the life of me find said post, I figured I owed everyone a public apology! If you find my error please let me know right away so I an edit it.

Please forgive me everyone. Smile
I do not run spellcheck or any other checks on my post. If I notice a typo or misspelling I might change it if I have the time. You do more good with your thoughtful posting of information and aswers then an occasional error could undo. :p

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You have got to be kidding me!!!!! lol I'm more worried about retaining the valuable information that you offer then if you used the proper puncuation or spelling of word, I'm smart enough to know what you are trying to say!
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Eek! And here I was, figuring no one was noticing my occasional Stupid Spelling Errors. (Mutters something about the effects of reading mistakes for a living for ten years.)

Jennifer, you handled this complaint with grace and class.
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I'll forgive you... only this one time.
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<<The most recent one that you wrote today at 12:24.

Some of the errors:

"Your" not slow
If "your" over 40
If "your" over 25
If "your" addicted

You must have been tired to overlook those!>>

Lucky for me, someone found my post with the errors- so I'll just lay them out here for everyone to look at. At 12:24am, I may not be at my sharpest.

Here is what I should have written:

You're not slow
if you're over 40
if you're over 25
if you're addicted

Whew. I feel much better now. Wink
[QUOTE=cinderly]Eek! And here I was, figuring no one was noticing my occasional Stupid Spelling Errors. (Mutters something about the effects of reading mistakes for a living for ten years.)

Au contraire, mon must be on your toes at all times hilarious
I am fairly confident that what you type means more than what you typo....
so if ya aint paying or grading me for what said "that" may be.....please allow me to introduce you to our special today, loooooooooong walk off of short pier.
I know this is all in the spirit of good fun, and I don't make a habit of pointing out anybody's minor errors in spelling or grammar, as I make plenty myself. Having said that, I do want to rant for a moment on one of my pet peeves -- the abuse of the term typo.

Back in the old forgotten days of the 20th century, when newspapers had typography departments, a typographical error or typo referred to an error made not by the reporter, editor, or proofreader, but by the typographers. These were highly skilled artisans who actually set type -- picked letters one by one from bins and set them into frames, working from a typewritten copy of an article with blue-pencil editing notes. They had to read backwards, as they worked on a reverse image of the final typeset article. That they made as few errors as they did was a testament to their skill and the pride they took in their work. But occasionally, a "the" would become "teh" or a similar transposition of letters might happen.

As time passed, mechanical and digital automation largely eliminated the role of the typesetter, and mistakes you see in print now are typically the author's own errors. Still, the term typo remains, and offers instant forgiveness for errors that, in my view, never would have survived a decent 20th century editor or proofreader. Now, I acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes, and I am no exception. But it tightens my jaws just a little every time I see that typo excuse. You want us to believe your typography department, not you, made the mistake? Even if you modernize and expand the definition of typo to include typing errors, that doesn't cover mistakes in spelling, grammar, and wrong word choice that often get swept under the rug as typos. I personally vow not to make excuses for my errors. They're all mine, and entirely due to my sloth, my haste, and my ignorance.


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