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I've got 90 graduate credits (UK) in CS - What can I do with them?
I took 4 graduate CS modules from the University of Hertfordshire years ago. They add up to 90 credits. I can't use them for their Masters program as the modules were taken more than 5 years ago so it can't be used for their Masters program.

Can I do anything with these credits?

Few things I thought about

1) have them evaluated by WES and transfer them into TESU to use it for the BA CS program as electives?

2) find another Uk Uni that would accept these credits for transfer into a Masters program? (I don't know if this is possible)

3) find a US Uni that would accept all these credits? (I don't know of any US Uni that accepts a large amount of graduate level credits)

Open to suggestions !
TESU has a time limit on IT courses as well.

BS Organizational Leadership - CSU Global - anticipated graduation February 2021

AAS Business Administration - community college
AS Individual Studies - community college

Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra, Visual Communication, Microeconomics, Introduction to Information Technology

Sophia - in progress: Introduction to Ethics, Human Biology, Conflict Resolution, Introduction to Statistics, English Composition II

Up next SDC: Business Ethics, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Management Ethics
Check with University of Chester and University of Portsmouth for credit transfer eligibility. Both have work based master degree program that accept transfer up to 120 credits.

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