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IT and Privacy Pro Tests
@Ashenwelt I dont think that's necessary. I think the best thing to do is apply now.

The rate at which things change with the Big 3 I think its best you just apply and see how the credits apply. Listen to dfrecore.

Master of Theological Studies, Nations University (In Progress..)
MITx to ALM in ES: Management, Harvard University (Planned...2021)


Sep 2019 Grad...

BA Computer Science, TESU
BA Liberal Studies, TESU
AS  Natural Science and Mathematics, TESU  

SL (27 Cr): Eng Com I II, Ameri Gov, Reli, Nutri, Envi Sci, Cul Ant, Med Ter, IT Fund
Shmoop (18 Cr): Hist Tech, Hu Sex, Med Lit, Bible Lit, Prof Wrtng, E-Com
Sophia (11 Cr): Col Alg, Info Tech, Pub Speak, Effe Teams, Manag Con
TEEX (5 Cr): Cyb Ever, IT Prof, Info Risk Man  Aleks (9 Cr): Beg. Alg, Inter. Alg, Trig
ED4Credit (3 Cr): Man Info Sys   CPCU (2 Cr): Ethics
TESU (4 Cr): Corner, Capstone (39 Cr): Pres. Skills, C Prog, Disc Math, Comp Arch, Op Sys, DB Man, Sys Analy, Calc I, Forensic Sci, Geometry, Intro Prog, Data Str
B&M (46 Cr)

Make sure you get a code to apply to WGU for free.
Earned: AA, AAS, AGS
145 credits
(02-10-2019, 09:05 PM)natshar Wrote: Make sure you get a code to apply to WGU for free.

WGU has had "this week apply for free" on their site for the past year and a half at least :-P.
Working On:  WGU MS-ITM (start early 2020), GA Tech OMSC (start early 2021?)
Completed:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018, finished 01/11/2019)
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i applied "this week for free!" in 2016!
In Progress: MS Cybersecurity, Georgia Tech (9/32cr), 2021?
BS IT Security, Western Governors University, 2018
BA Psychology, Thomas Edison State University, 2016
AA Sociology, Chaffey College, 2015

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