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Initial Questions About BA History (T
(10 hours ago)natshar Wrote:
(11 hours ago)historicalarsonist Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:14 PM)natshar Wrote: Even though bio 1 lab isn't required I'm not sure if you would be able to take the bio II lab with taking bio I lab first (or at least bio I). This could also be a problem as most schools have pre res and won't just let you take to bio II.

Also for computer science 10 of the 16 credits can be done for free via TEEX. So I would at least try the TEEX courses and see what you think because they won't cost you anything. Computer science is a cheaper option to pursue than biology.

Yeah, considering the difficulties with obtaining the bio II lab, I am definitely considering going the computer science route as a compromise despite not being overly excited about it. Also, how do I locate the courses specifically that transfer to TESU on the TEEX website? I followed a link on the wiki that is now dead and can't seem to find anything that links to a source other than the TEEX home page, and their site seems absolutely massive. Thanks. has intro to programming and that is only $9. Anything that counts as computer science for the computer science BA would count so a lot programming courses. StraighterLine has a course in C++. Maybe for one of your courses for TESU could be a computer science course. I also believe the CyberSecrutiy DSST might count and there is a Network Security TECEP. I'm also not 100% all ten TEEX credits would count for computer science AOS, I'm just assuming they do, I know other people have gotten them all to count but that was when they were all only worth 6 credits. Once you have an idea of what courses you want to take I'd email TESU the plan for whatever you choose to take and get those pre-approved.

If I were you just focus on the BA history and ASNSM in math for now, so those are already mapped out. Thats enough to get started if you don't end up doing the computer science associate no big deal. You already have History mapped out. For the math associates, all you need is 12 credits in any other math courses in anything you want besides calculus and college algebra.

From personal experience, coming up with the perfect degree plan is not the same as actually working on your degree. Just get started and the rest will fall into place over time.

Yeah, that sounds like a great approach. I haven't mapped out really anything yet besides the history area of study - I just kind of have a running list of classes I know I want to take and that I will be able to fit in somewhere. My approach is more of "figure out how to fit a degree on top of these interests," rather than figuring out the classes to pursue a specific degree. Sounds like the math ASNSM is just about a given considering the classes I planned on taking anyways, and the comp sci one is something I can decide on down the line.
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If you need to figure out how to plan gen eds:

Just find courses that match courses that fit the ones on the list.
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