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InstantCert Subscribers: Looking for the Specific Exam Feedback section?
If you are studying for a CLEP or DSST exam (or UExcel or TECEP), a critical part of your test prep plan should be using our Specific Exam Feedback. This is an area of the forum for paying subscribers only and includes helpful tips, advice, and notes posted by other students who have taken the exams.

If you go to the main DegreeForum homepage, you will see a section titled, "Specific Exam Feedback - InstantCert Subscribers ONLY." It is the last section of the first block of forum areas, under "Graduate School Discussion."

To access the specific exam feedback, you have to be logged into this discussion forum AND your forum account needs to be linked to your InstantCert subscription. To link your forum account, log into, and in the Members' Area, you should see a red text link at the top that says, "*Discussion Forum Access". Click that link and the wizard will guide you through the process of linking your account. If you have ANY trouble, just send me an email at

Once you have access, go to the Specific Exam Feedback section and click the "Thread / Author" link near the top of the list of threads. This will organize them by alphabetical order and you can easily find the thread dedicated to the exam you are studying for.

Once you have gotten some good advice and help from other members and have used it to pass your exam, please, take the time to log in and post your experience and your own feedback. Thousands of members over the years have contributed to the Specific Exam Feedback section to make it the gold mine it is today, and many more down the road will thank you for your generosity!
If you’re registered for the American govt credit course can you use the flash cards or is that an additional expense ?

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