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Intro to Sociology - Success
So... Monday I started reading the REA CLEP intro to sociology. Tuesday night I finished it... Then subscribed to this site and took two of the four practice flash card tests. Wednesday I took the 3 REA practice tests, and went through all the flash card tests on this website. Thursday - I took the CLEP. Score: 55!
IT can be done in 3-4 days! if you study hard!

Im happy w/ the site... Great useful info and easy strategy to learn the material needed for CLEP.

Good luck everyone!

[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Management 77[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro to Sociology 74[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Marketing 78[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications 75[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro to Psychology 80 [/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro Business Law 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics 73[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP A & I Lit 75[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Microeconomics 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Financial Accounting 62[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Ethics in America 468[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Natural Science 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Org Behavior 80[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Finance 462[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]Next: ALEKS Jail (College Algebra) Going dark to finish[/SIZE]

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