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Intro to TECEP courses Medical Terminology
I am a little nervous about signing up for this. 

1. I can sign up for the actual exam, but after signing up how does this exam work? 
2. Can you take the exam immediately? Do they assign you a date? or Is it like ProctureU?
3. Does it show up in Moodle?
4. If I sign up, do I have to pay attention to the late sign up for courses and possibly pay a late sign up fee.  For example, today is March 30, and I can sign up for the course on April 1st.  Will they charge extra for signing up so late even though it is just an exam? I can wait to take it.
5. I read somewhere that I can just ignore the exam in order to keep my academic evaluation, but I wanted to make sure there is no penalty at all for doing this?
6. Please share any other important information you feel necessary.
1. After you sign up, it's up to you to schedule the exam. I can't remember if the instructions are in your email or in MyEdison.
2. They use ProctorU so you have to pick a date.
3. It does go in Moodle, yes. I forget when it shows up.
4. I'm not sure.
5. There is absolutely no penalty for not taking the exam. But it is good practice for any other exams that TESU might want you to take.
6. View this as a ProctorU learning experience rather than a TESU credit. When I did my exam, I lost connection twice. I somehow managed to pass anyway.
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4) Sign up for the term you're interested in, I would recommend a month later instead, you have 3 months (12 weeks) to finish or take the exam.
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Great info! Thanks.

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