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Is Excelsior a Title IV school?
I was going to enroll at Excelsior and cant seem to confirm if they are Title IV or not. I am not sure if my job will pay if they are not. Anyone know about this? Also if you are a UPS employee did they pay for Excelsior?
I can't answer the UPS question but I can tell you that Excelsior is not a title IV school at this time so there is no eligibility for federal student aid etc.
engarom Wrote:Hello,
I was going to enroll at Excelsior and cant seem to confirm if they are Title IV or not. I am not sure if my job will pay if they are not. Anyone know about this? Also if you are a UPS employee did they pay for Excelsior?

[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]Do they need to be Title IV for your employer to assist you?

Seems odd - :confused: [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I have a question-
Despite the fact that Excelsior does not recieve Title IV funding, can their tuition and expenses still be deducted from your taxes? I enrolled in order to recieve a Bachelors' which is required for me to recieve a promotion at the job. Also can the Frederick C.C. fees which I paid to have the FEMA courses added to my degree program be considered tax deductible since they were part of my educational pusuit? Thanks in advance for any feedbackWink

Till next time,
That's a question for a tax person so let me try - the short answer is that it may be possible but I will call Excelsior tomorrow to ask if they send out 1099s. I am not sure if Excelsior considers their charges tuition or what. I need to look into it for my own taxes so I will let you know what I find out, but I believe that it should not be a problem. As far as Frederick, it's worth calling and asking if they issue 1099s. That's the simplest way to use them as a deduction and, incidently, for those who are freshman or sophomore level, using the Hope credit would probably be more beneficial than the tuition and fees deduction but please check with your individual tax pro. Everyone's situation is different. Btw, to deduct you need to be at least considered half-time. I'm going back to doing taxes now Wink
I don't know about Frederick C.C., but students at Excelsior are not allowed the Hope and Lifetime Learning tax credits. I understand Excelsior is working on this so this may change in the near future.
Thanks ~ saves me a phone call Smile
Excelsior Website Wrote:Important Information Regarding Tax Forms
Alert!Under current regulations, Excelsior College cannot issue 1098 T forms, and therefore students cannot claim tuition expenses on their 2006 Federal Income Tax Return for the Hope or Lifetime Learning educational credits. Please note, however, that Excelsior College may soon be eligible for Title IV funding which would result in a change to this regulation.

there ya go
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Thanks everyone.
Since its not Title IV my employer will not pay.
I will just have to go to TESC instead.
I am going to take all my cleps and Dsst and then enroll. I figure i can save some time. I will probably take one or two TESC courses in the end just to have my employer pay the enrollment fees.Big Grin

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