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Just received my TESU BALS Academic Evaluation-
Hi,  First off I would like to thank everyone for some solid advice in regards to applying for both Excelsior and TESU.  I received 70 credits from TESU and 50 from Excelsior, and found the Excelsior evaluation difficult to interpret.  I was leaning towards TESU anyway but it I was still surprised in the difference.

On my TESU evaluation The Institutes Insurance Ethics course is listed as a General Education Elective instead of under the Ethics requirement.  I will call Monday and hopefully get that switched over.

I need at least one more science credit and a some more General Education Electives.  I listed my electives below, does it look like any of these will be able to be placed in the science and/or general education electives categories?  I have ten (10) extra credits that haven't been placed anywhere, probably because I have enough electives. I would like to move some of these electives into another category so I can use some of the extra credits.


CIS-244  Computer Security  02/16/19  CR3.00  CIS-244  *NE

MAN-201  Supervision for Service  06/01/93  CR3.00 MAN-201  *NE

CAP-282 LAN Administration 06/01/93 CR3.00 CAP-282 *NE

CAP-181  Topics in Internet Networking  06/01/93  CR3.00  CAP-181  *NE

SES-211  Clerical Office Practice  06/01/93  CR3.00  SES-211  *NE

PEA-199  Special Topics in Physical Ed  11/23/82  CR3.00  PEA-199  *NE

LAW-299  Special Topics in Law  06/30/96  CR4.00  LAW-299  *NE

PEA-199  Special Topics in Physical Ed  06/30/96  CR2.00  PEA-199  *NE

CAP-295  Intro to Security Basics  07/30/18  CR2.00  CAP-295  *NE

CYB-120  Introduction to Cybersecurity  09/24/18  CR2.00  CYB-120  *NE

Here's my extra ten (10) credits:

MSC-131  Marksmanship  11/23/82  CR2.00   MSC-131  *NE

MSC-161  Outdoor/Survival Skills  11/23/82  CR1.00   MSC-161  *NE

HEA-106  Personal Health  11/23/82  CR1.00   HEA-106  *NE

HEA-195  First Aid  11/23/82  CR 1.00   HEA-195  *NE

BUE-101  Personal Finance  01/01/86  CR1.00   BUE-101  *NE

FIS-291   Intro to Fire Safety Education  07/26/18  CR1.00   FIS-291  *NE  

DIV-114  Advanced Open Water Diving  03/12/89  CR1.00  DIV-114  *NE

DIV-104  Open Water Diving  10/02/88  CR1.00   DIV-104  *NE

HRM-299  Special Topics in H R M  07/24/18  CR1.00   HRM-299  *NE

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