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Keto Diet
Anyone have experience with this diet program? I've been gaining steady weight recently and I'm hoping to shed some pounds. Any insight would be awesome.
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Look up Eat Like A Bear on Facebook.
That group combines keto and intermittent fasting and everyone seems to have great results from it.
Yeah  I do something similar to Keto.  I’ll try to look up the book. Yes, fasting in the morning till ~12, tons and tons of water and slow carbs (beans) combined with protein and dark leafy greens has been my ticket for years. Works like a charm! To maximize I stay away from milk, cheese, (all other carbs aside from beans, including fruits) alcohol, and anything processed. I go nuts once a week to confuse my body and keep from plateauing.
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For about 2 years, I followed the Keto diet. I am vegetarian, and so I tried to fulfill my protein requirements with the help of vegan protein mixes, beans etc. But the diet did feel good. I did not need to lose weight; but the diet definitely increased my energy levels. And my mind felt clearer than before; intellectual processes seemed to unfold more effectively. I later happened to read an online article about how a brain running on ketones tends to be more relaxed, as the limbic system is not needlessly triggered. So, yes, it was effective. I am not on the keto diet anymore, but I think those two years of cutting down on sugar has created some sort of a permanent pattern of favoring low sugar/low carbs in my diet. And I think it changed my palate- I cannot take very sweet chocolate/candy anymore. I prefer 85-90% dark chocolate. I like my coffee bitter. I also prefer very less salt in my food- if you have tried Indian vegetarian food, you probably know how spicy, aromatic, and rich on the tongue it tends to be. I prefer less of all of that. Of course, I still like tasty food; but I guess it takes less of spice and salt to stimulate my palate than before. May be my body has grown more sensitive overall. I now do intermittent fasting, and sometimes, I also follow the 2:5 diet- 2 days of fasting, and 5 days of normal eating in a week.
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I do sort of a modified combination of Keto/Atkins/Gundry. I am bad about sticking to it, although last year I did pretty good and lost some significant weight. I have inflammation issues, so I mostly am doing it to help control pain but part of that has to do with weight. I would say I am getting significantly closer to weight-wise to where I was years ago. I do two shakes a day now (homemade, no pre-mix powders, sans fruit) and one meal. I got to a certain point doing Atkins/Keto where I would just stall and could not figure out why until I came across Dr. Gundry's information. I can't say everyone has lectin intolerance, but I certainly seem to! Let me know if you have any questions. The biggest issue is getting back on once you stop.
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(07-27-2019, 12:24 PM)MrBossmanJr Wrote: Anyone have experience with this diet program? I've been gaining steady weight recently and I'm hoping to shed some pounds. Any insight would be awesome.

I lost 100lbs in 8 months and have kept it off for a full year so far. I went to a medically supervised weight loss program through UCSD Health. They use the HMR program. I used shakes and meal replacments and ate 1000-1200 calories per day plus 2000 calories of exercise per week for losing the weight, then transitioned to normal eating again. I now weigh 180 and eat about 1800-1900 calories a day plus 2000-3000 calories of exercise per week. I keep calories from protein above 25% of total calories and calories from carbs below 55%. Nothing extreme.

I was able to eliminate my cholesteral and blood pressure medicines. My BP stays in the normal range, and my resting HR is in the 60s instead of in the 80s. I can run and hike up mountains without getting winded.

Personally, keto always sounded like a bad idea. You're essentially screwing up your body chemistry so badly that your body can't process the protein you take in. You couldn't possibly keep it up for a lifetime.
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Okay...I've never "tried" keto, per se, but I have done more of a low-calorie/low-carb diet in the past to lose weight, along with regular exercise. I did indeed need to shed some weight (I successfully lost 30-40 lbs after I'd gained weight from a bad concussion when I was 16, and then gained weight simply due to overeating and less mobility over one summer when I was 18, and lost the 30-40 lbs again I needed to shed). But I fell into quite a dangerous trap when I learned that portion control and over-exercising produced amazing results...and I pursued it to my harm. I got underweight (and am currently) and have spent 2 months or so trying to gain weight to get back to my "normal range" and maintain it. The key here is: BALANCE.
Thankfully I've got lots of people around me who are "on my team" and are helping me reach my goals.... I've also got a great Savior who designed me how He wanted me to look and be and do for His glory and pleasure Smile
As for losing weight, simply do THM (Trim Healthy Mama...not just for Moms!! Amazing...look 'em up Wink ), where all that is needed is no restriction per se-- just a separation of carbs and fats. When you eat them together, it's called a crossover, and you eat a moderate amount of them to maintain your current weight, and you eat them more frequently to gain. To lose, don't eat breads/potatoes/corn/etc WITH fats (cheese, avocado, eggs, cream, etc.) Take turns with your meals, that way, although you don't eat the two together, you're definitely NOT depriving yourself of all the good, nutritious foods your body really needs. (E.g: Breakfast: 2 eggs, a serving of fruit/ greek yogurt and a serving of fruit...Lunch: 1 pc bread and veggies/ salad with avocado, oil, ranch, etc....Dinner: Cabbage, greens, sweet potatoes, turkey sausage/etc...just an idea of what it CAN look like Wink )
This is definitely a lifestyle change, one that once you get into it, it becomes an easy habit. Also essential is moderate, regular exercise. You don't need a gym membership. Just get onto Youtube and do a 15 min workout (like I did) or get out and do 10-15 min of power walking/10-15 min on the treadmill, and then every other day alternate weights (do weighted lunges one day/squats/leg-lifts; nxt day do some arm reps; repeat and build), and then stretch in bed b4 hitting the hay.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have great success! Smile
Yes I do keto and lost all my weight without effort. No calorie counting. And I feel bestie ever when eating low carbohydrate. It basically takes away your cravings so you don’t have to resist.
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