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LIB-495 Guided Study vs Online Course
I enrolled at TESU in September. After the initial transfer evaluation and knocking out 15 credits (low-level stuff) in the last 30 days from Sophia, SDC, and SL, I am down to SOS-110 and LIB-495.

I am currently in SOS-110 as an Online Course, but I am not particularly enthused about the forum work. On the other hand, I would prefer the forum posts to even more busywork writing assignments.

I will take LIB-495 starting in January, and I am interested in general opinions about whether to take this as GS or OC. Do they both follow the same basic schedule as far as when assignments are due? Is there any difference between them other than not doing forums in GS? Is what comes in place of forums even more tedious?

Interested in any opinions or experiences.
Here's a previous thread that may help:
Homeschool College Guidance Counselor Mom to twin 14 yo boys

Study: US History 1, Pres Skills, Environ Science, Ethics in America, Intro to CJ, Meteorology, Forensic Sci, Criminology
Sophia: Psychology, Visual Comms, Sociology, Eff Teams, Mng Conflict, Student Success, Anc Greek Philo, Art History 1, Intro to IT,
Intro to Bus, English Comp 1, Religions, Conflict Resolution, College Algebra, English Comp II

Planning for (2) Bachelors: BSLS with Psychology Concentration


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