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Landmark College - A great school...
For the wealthy!  Landmark is ranked on the US News website: - Article:

This school is exclusively enrolling students with disabilities in learning, their model seems interesting, and they use a system "strength-based" improvement for selective students.  Ideas (the method or ways I think they systematically teach) seem fine, I like the way they help students learn and progress through their courses - working on the strengths and improving on those weaknesses slowly but surely...

Having said that, they seem to be only offering some online courses, and they do have some undergraduate degrees.  The kicker is, the cost of the education is expensive, not the board/room, other expenses, the cost I am referring to is the tuition per semester or per year.  Wow, they charge so much just because they're highly ranked on US News (or they think they're worth that much).

TLRD: Yearly tuition is $61K alone, for 4 years, that'll be $244K in tuition alone! Just WOW!  I wonder if I was "richer" and if my children needed the assistance, wouldn't there be other forms or methods to help them better?  I can't afford this, my kids require assistance with homework, I think for my situation, tutors would be my first choice.  Link:
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Yes - it IS a whole lot of money - and I agree, most people would have to resort to less expensive solutions. In defense of Landmark, I'll admit that it's a LOT more expensive to teach students who require this level of assistance. Faculty with special qualifications and a lot of individual, one-on-one teaching - and planning. Doing that well is how they got the ranking (I think,) What they do justifies the cost more than the ranking alone does, but yeah - that too.

Can't really tell how well their model will hold up under online-only instruction. I'd think it would be VERY difficult to duplicate their success in an online-only environment. Hopefully, at some point they'll be able to get back to in-person classes - and so will other schools. That will be such a freakin' relief...
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