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Liberty Sues Falwell
Deception?  That just can't be true, can it?
Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr., Alleging Deception - The New York Times (
Here's an update
Jerry Falwell Jr. wants Liberty University lawsuit dismissed, says it is an excuse to shame him (
As if anyone needs an excuse to shame him. He did all that on his own.

Seems like tuition is extremely inflated since they had the cash to give him a $250,000 a year raise.
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His pay sounds pretty ordinary for a school of 15,000 plus another 100,000 online students.
The lawsuit is unrelated to his salary.  It's essentially about his failure to disclose that he and his family were subject to blackmail re Mrs. Falwell's extramarital affair.
Liberty sues former president Jerry Falwell Jr. (
(04-16-2021, 07:56 PM) Wrote: Liberty students pledge to avoid alcohol, immodest behavior and sex outside of heterosexual marriage. 

Sounds like tyranny to me.  Reminds me of the Britney Spears situation. 

Schools that get federal financial aid money have no business controlling what students do, PERIOD!
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