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LinkedIn privacy settings
Today LinkedIn suggested that I might know one of the frequent posters in these forums. Just to set the proper context, it is a person with whom I've exchanged personal emails directly. She has my email address and I have hers. But currently LinkedIn has no access to my personal address book. I hope it hasn't had access in the past, but I've had the account so long I really can't prove that.

Could LinkedIn have made the suggestion by mining her email address book? If her email address book is shared with her LinkedIn account, maybe my name in her email address book could prompt a suggestion in my LinkedIn account that she is someone I might know.

Here is how to keep LinkedIn from snooping in your personal address books: Of course if won't undo the damage already done.
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I've had similar things happen to me. By default, LinkedIn will look in your e-mail contacts to suggest other people you know who have LinkedIn accounts. I've received a couple of connection requests from people from another forum I help run. I think LinkedIn associated my alternate e-mail account with my profile (even though that wasn't the account I used to register for LinkedIn) because I was signed into it when I made the account. Both of them are good people, but I was a little surprised to get a request from them.
Course clear! You got a card.

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I'll go ahead and jump in, I don't mind being transparent. So, since I don't use LinkedIn, I think the only way I would have been suggested to CLEP3705 is probably through our email? My education is listed in LinkedIn, so maybe there is some type of keyword process that is suggesting me. That, or it's so we can find new places to banter about! hilarious
Yup, you are absolutely correct, Linkedin is known for mining email accounts. I know personally it has suggested individuals for every email thats in my account. I also believe they keep IP information for contact suggestions also, as I had a relative use the site on my computer once, and they suggested all of their contacts for me to add.
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