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List of free graduate credit
(04-23-2019, 09:36 AM)udi Wrote: The reason I'm asking is because I already have a master's degree, but I can't do instruction for an English 101 class without a few more master's level English credits. But, I was thinking I could teach other things, too if I could get enough credits in one concentration.

With that, it's still a matter of searching around for a college that offers something you need at an affordable price. That can vary dependent on the nature of their programs and if they're offered online. Example: I needed a few more credits in topic to fulfill requirements for an adjunct position in Communication. Despite being employed by the state university system where I live (thus tuition is free), I had to go outside our network to find courses because no university in our system offers graduate Communication courses online. Missouri State was one of the cheapest online options I was able to locate and it wound up being $1,770 for 6 credits, which I paid out-of-pocket. I debated picking up enough credits to teach in another area but the story is the same everywhere you look; the vast majority of the cheap/fast/easy graduate credits available are VESI or an isolated summer course that's mostly for credentialing, not topic credits one needs for teaching undergrad courses. Add to that the fact that many university graduate programs don't offer summer courses beyond research methods in whatever topic the program is in, and you're substantially limited in scope and flexibility for what you'll find in any given field of study.
Sad but true.
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BA - Liberal Studies, TESC
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