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Looking for Free Courses acceptable by TESC
I know that the FEMA Independent Study Program is worth some college credit, and it costs nothing to complete.

I was wondering if anyone knows of other free or near free courses that TESC will accept for credit?

Specifically I'm needing a few more credits to be eligible for a specific program, but the subject matter isn't crucial, all the specific requirements I have covered. The only requirement I still need to complete is crossing a threshold of credits transcripted from an accredited college or university.

I know I could CLEP/DANTES etc, but I'd like to keep my cost as low as I can, and since I'm going to be paying TESC to bring credits into my transcript anyway, I figured I should get the most of it.

Thanks in advance for your insights, knowledge, and the like.
Personally, I think that the CLEP's and DSSTs are by far, the cheapest method of getting college credit. FEMA is great but you would have to set up a credit bank first.
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larry7crys Wrote:Personally, I think that the CLEP's and DSSTs are by far, the cheapest method of getting college credit. FEMA is great but you would have to set up a credit bank first.

I planned on using the Credit Bank already, simply because the cost per credit hour is lower than what it will cost me for CLEP/DSST exams and center fees. So I figured if I'm going to use the bank anyway, I'd like to find any other courses that are similarly available.

Thought if such courses are out there, someone here is likely to know of them.

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