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Looking for an easy, 1 credit Natural Sciences course for TESU
I'm missing 1 credit there..

Natural Sciences 4 SH 
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes

______ _______________ _________________________ __________ _______ _______ __________
1 credit needed

Anyone have any easy recommendations?
I don't know what you've already taken, but I found the Astronomy class very enjoyable, and it's only $9. I also took the InfoSystems CLEP to fill the rest of the requirement, and if you're good with computers you should be able to pass without much trouble.
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You can use any science course, or some compsci courses for that area.

There are no 1cr courses except labs, but those are more expensive. Instead do a 2cr or 3cr course, and then the number of credits needed for GE Electives is reduced.
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Thanks all -- all my GE Electives are done, so I was hoping for a suggestion on something that was super easy in general to get it out of the way. I'll look into Astronomy!
Hey, I was in the same situation. Just took the Sophias Intro to Information Technology and confirmed it counts. Took 2 days to finish and its free.
To clarify, Sophia is only free if you start a class by the 31st.
Sophia has Environmental Science and Human Biology. Both are free if you enroll by the 31st.

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Sophia - in progress: Introduction to Ethics, Human Biology, Introduction to Statistics, English Composition II, US History I
(04-10-2019, 02:32 PM)Hpkitty Wrote: I'm missing 1 credit there..

Natural Sciences 4 SH 
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes

______ _______________ _________________________ __________ _______ _______ __________
1 credit needed

Anyone have any easy recommendations?

If you're not familiar with Sophia, you should head over there right away and take Environmental Science, Human Biology, or Introduction to Information Technology, as others have suggested, before the free promotion expires at the end of the month.
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