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Looking for guidance/degree plan/ general help
(04-11-2019, 06:40 AM)Dan A Million Wrote: This is a really great forum. I'm also looking for a History degree, but I only have one course under my belt so far.
The degree plans posted on this thread are insightful for me.

I am wondering - how can one make sure that they are not taking a course/test that will not count towards your major? [With such a wide array of options to choose from] - Just by asking the schools?

Finally, do you have to be enrolled to seek academic planning from a school?

Most schools will not be very helpful for people who seek to use alt. education to accelerate their degree completion. Advisors get paid to recommend courses for students to take at the school directly, so it isn't in their best interest to learn much about alternative options. TESU is particularly bad in that the advisors will often guess when asked about non-TESU credit options, and they seem to be wrong more often than they are right.

If you're looking at using alt. education options to complete a degree, then the best way to navigate your degree path is by reading the forums, checking the wiki and archives, and to ask questions here. If you want to take courses directly from a school and/or use financial aid (which only applies to courses taken directly from schools) then working directly with advising to create a degree plan works too.

As for academic planning, advising will help you get enrolled in your cornerstone but that is about all you get without being enrolled. You will usually get one or two free transcript evaluations but after that you won't get another until you're enrolled officially.
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BSBA in Computer Information Systems, 2019, Thomas Edison State University
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(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
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Best way to find out if a class will work is to ask here. Usually someone has experience with that particular class, or if not you can get a very educated guess (more educated, in my experience, than TESU advising)
Link to all credits earned: Link
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Thanks for the replies. That makes sense. I have to admit this has been quite the headache but I will continue reading the forum and asking questions. CHEERS

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