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Luna community college
I want to know how many credits can be transferred to Luna CC. I need an advice I'm searching on the website and I can not find where is this info located.
99% of all CC's require 25% credits from them for a degree.  I bet 75% can be transferred in.
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(06-30-2019, 07:42 PM)Life Long Learning Wrote: 99% of all CC's require 25% credits from them for a degree.  I bet 75% can be transferred in.

I will.have to contact them to see, because I read that the online complete online degree they offer is business administration, other degree courses are 49% online and the other half is face to face class. Huh
Most people get started on their Associates at the Community College and try to finish it there. But people rarely transfer into a community college. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to get an associate in Business Admin or something for cheap/easy/fast and then ladder up to a Bachelors? If they don't offer what you need, you may want to go check out NJMC instead, or if you will be doing a degree entirely online/remotely, maybe one of the Big 3 would be for you...

Can't type, it's NMJC. Or if you prefer, another option would be Clovis Community College instead of Luna... I believe all three are from or in New Mexico.
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From the catalog:

Quote:3. Transfer credit may be used toward graduation requirements as recommended by the academic department, with the following requirements and/or guidelines:

a. A cumulative GPA for all courses accepted in transfer and for those used to meet graduation requirements (excluding general education core courses) must equal 2.0 or higher.

b. Fifteen (15) credit hours required in the major field and counted toward an associate degree (not including general education courses) shall be earned at LCC.

c. Nine (9) credit hours required in the major field and counted toward a certificate shall be earned at LCC. A minimum of twelve (12) credit hours for, Business Management Certificate. 
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Yep, consider NMJC, Clovis Community College, and others instead. Luna CC's accreditation was questionable not that long ago. Also Luna's online classes require you to attend sessions at specific times on specific days, which seems pretty inflexible. They don't have as many courses to choose from either.
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Clovis Community College, has an associate degree in Information Technology, but i want to know if what is stated on their website is true.

"CCC offers nine different Certificates of Achievement in a wide range of industry-recognized certifications"

Example: A+, N+, Security+, CCNA, MS-Server-administrator

Is this included in the tuition price or are this certificate paid separate?


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