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MBA and MA at ENEB for just under $300
Well, sent in the online admissions form for JFKu and shortly after missed a call from an advisor. Called back and it said it was for Northcentral University .He tried to sell me on the Northcentral MBA program for $33,000 and when unspecified I was interested in the JFKu program, he (wrongly) said that was an undergrad program only. I mentioned that it's a master's degree and he said that program no longer exists. I felt like he has no idea what he was talking about and was more interested in aggressive pitching the uninteresting Northcentral program. I emailed the JFKu admissions email address directly to confirm what he said. If they are no longer offering the program, I will go forward with WGU, but the idea of a competency based program offered by a school that also has a brick and mort campus is certainly appealing.
i would be pretty shocked if that's the case. they have been aggressively advertising their flex MBA.
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