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MBA degree is in crisis
(08-28-2019, 06:16 PM)ThatBankDude Wrote:
(08-27-2019, 11:37 AM)martialartist Wrote: Saturation does play a huge part indeed, however, I do think the technological shift points to STEM fields playing a much more significant role. Years ago virtually no one asked a financial or business analyst about R or Python, However, it plays a humongous role in today's job market.

I have recently decided to pursue a MS in Business/Data Analytics to increase my value for this very same reason even though I already completed an MBA. The school you graduate from as well plays a crucial role, so I caution everyone to not just focus on the cost of the degree now but the potential value and hiring power it will provide.

While I think the school you graduate from is important, what is more important is your ability to network. In the business world, who you know is often more important than what you know...sadly. My education at Southeastern Oklahoma State University was great albeit not a huge university that is well known around the country or world. However, my education coupled with my networking allowed me to become an Assistant Vice President of a bank at 26 years old.

I concur. My old IQ Test places me at the top 3-5 percent and yet, I have struggled through-out my career. Networking is essential, but being on the Autism Spectrum is a difficult task to overcome. Having said that, my CEO's often hand picked me for promotions, I've just struggled to connect with lower level employee, So send some of your networking skills my way.
Physician heal thyself.

"Also playing a role is the rising cost of the degree and cannibalization of the full-time M.B.A. market by the success of undergraduate business degrees, online M.B.A. programs, and specialized master's programs in such business disciplines as finance, accounting, analytics, marketing and supply chain management."

I can't be the only one saying "well, yeah. Duh. Catch up."
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This article only really describes the drop-off rate in applicants for the alleged "Top 10" schools. I'd be curious to see more data from all MBA programs across the country. With all of the press coverage on student debt, maybe the expensive schools are finally pricing themselves out of the market.
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Decrease in MBA enrollment by students are actually not (necessarily) related to labor demand of MBAs...

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