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Many Saylor courses expiring 11/30/2019
Many courses from Saylor are going to be expiring on November 30, 2019. I would think that most of these would get renewed, but there are other issues to consider:

Going forward, tests are going to be limited to (3) within the dates the course is offered -- meaning that you can only take three exams in the three-year period that a single course is offered. If you often fail exams at Saylor multiple times, it might be a good idea to take your exam before 11/30 so you don't have one count against you if you don't pass. This will allow you to start 12/1/2019 with a fresh course and exam count. From Saylor:

Saylor Direct Credit final exams can be taken three times total within the current credit recommendation window. When the credit recommendation for a course renews, three more attempts will be available. Typically, a course is recommendation for three years at a time.

The other issue to consider is that you may lose your place in the course after the refresh. For the Managerial Accounting course, I went ahead and printed out the schedule because I know I won't be finished by November 30th and I'm checking it off as I go. If the course completely changes, tracking things may not matter much.

If you're confident that you can pass the exam you're studying for -- assuming the course gets renewed -- it might make sense to wait until 12/1 because the proctor fee is changing to $13 (for some? courses). However, I noticed that some courses are adding graded quizzes. If something unusual happens -- for example, multiple proctored exams per course with fees -- the risk may not pay off. I think this is unlikely, though.
Udi's Completed Courses (for credit)

11/26/2019: - Introduction to Marketing and Strategy ($9)
11/07/2019: - Introduction to Microeconomics ($9)
07/01/2019: Study - Cybersecurity Policies and Management ($80)
06/27/2019: Study - Management Information Systems ($80)
06/23/2019: Study - Data Structures and Algorithms ($80)
06/18/2019: Study - Intro to Programming ($70)
06/11/2019: Study - Computer Architecture ($70)
06/07/2019: Study - Calculus ($80)
05/29/2019: Study - Computer Science 303: Database Management ($80)
04/25/2019: Study - Systems Analysis & Design ($70)
04/22/2019: Study - Discrete Math ($80)
04/15/2019: Study - Intro to Operation Systems ($80)
03/15/2019: Saylor - Introduction to Computer Science I ($25)
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