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Masters MBA
Good afternoon,
Does anyone know of a school that accepts pass/fail courses from WGU?
I'm looking to finish my MBA elsewhere. I'm not really a fan of the curriculum with WGU.

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I was loking at this school, what were the problems with WGU?
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in general, schools don't accept more than a couple courses/6 cr of transfer for grad programs. there are exceptions of course (TESU accepts half their overall cr hours towards the program I believe -- But the remaining courses you'd need to do at TESU would make it way too expensive)... but that's the general trend.
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Just following up on what JSD said.

Many colleges don't accept any transfer credits at the graduate level. Those that do will usually only accept a small number towards their own graduate programs. For example, I know that the University of the Cumberlands accepts some WGU graduate MBA and MSML credits towards their graduate degrees. I imagine that there are others that may as well. If the school accepts graduate credits for transfer, from what I have learned it has less to do with where the credits came from (assuming the source school has RA accreditation) and more about whether the course material covers the same material. If so, they may accept those credits for transfer, or waive certain course requirements.

That said, what is it about the WGU curriculum that you're not happy with? I completed my MBA there and I thought it was well put together aside from a few minor issues related to dealing with group projects and research studies. In my case, those issues were remedied by WGU while I was there. If there is a specific issue, the school does listen to student feedback and they may be able to help.

I'm also willing to share my experiences and approach as well if that could help.
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I was able to transfer two courses I took at WGU (MS-ITM) into the MBA-Project Management at Amberton (  I did have to send them the course descriptions because at first they looked at them as IT courses vs Business courses (but they were business courses just from an IT point of view). If I had more courses that fit the program they would have allowed more. Amberton allows up to 12 credits to be transferred into their master programs; they are also very affordable and an RA school.
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jsd is pretty well correct in that most graduate schools typically only allow 6 credit hours to be transferred into the program. Some programs are more stringent in that they do not even accept transfer credits.
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If you want another competency-based school Walden, Capella, and Purdue Global accept more than 6 credits towards an MBA and you can earn your degree just as fast and cheap as WGU probably.

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