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Masters & PhD programs in Canada Eh?
So, I've written about Athabasca a few months ago and their MS Info Systems think it was cheap, but it's not THAT cheap...  Link: And then there was Thompson Rivers and their pricing... Link:

Today, I was running through another Regionally Accredited school SFU looking up their programs.  Here is the fee structure! Amazing Really:  If I read this properly, the fee is similar for International Students: - it's the same cost for tuition!

So, let's do an example Masters that uses the "general" fee of 6 terms of $1946.94 x 6 = $11681.64 CDN > $8923.88 USD
Let's now do an example PhD that uses the "general" fee of 8 terms of $1946.94 x 8 = $15575.52 CDN > $11,900.56 USD

Well, that's amazing for tuition, but you need to take account into the living costs and everything else associated to the move.  Too bad they don't have any online programs or anything remotely possible.  Oh wells, back to the drawing board I go... again...
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